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Tailored Real Estate Solutions works with our clients to understand their unique situation, needs and timeline. From quick cash sales to major renovations, we handle all the details to provide a superior experience and maximized estate value.

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Estate Sales – clients who prefer a hands-off role can rely on us for the sale of furniture, jewelry, other belongings, and the estate itself.

Cleaning Services – this includes trash-out and maid services.

Maximize Estate Dollars – renovations, even cosmetic, can significantly increase the value of an estate. We’ll help you decide how to maximize the value of your estate in the least amount of time.

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Major Repairs – including foundations, waterproofing, sewer lines, roofing, and more.

Water Service Repair – including major plumbing and sewer line fixes.

Remodeling Services –basic refreshes like flooring, painting, cabinetry, and more.

Cost Coverage – we’ll front renovation payments and take the cost out of the final sale, sparing clients from having to come up with those funds.

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Cash Sales – we work with trusted investors to ensure fair pricing for your property as-is.

Probate Sales – our team of experts understands laws and procedures, ensuring a smooth process for you.

Traditional Real Estate – list and sell any home with our expert agents.

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Service Areas: Southeastern Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas.

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